College of Education TIER Implementation (home)

May 2016

The UI HR Organization Effectiveness (OE) team, Dick See and Cheryl Niemeyer began interviewing staff, DEOs and supervisors who will be directly impacted by the implementation of the University Shared Services Center (USS).

The purpose of these interviews is to share work information, ideas, and interests about how administrative and operational work could be accomplished in the college.  The OE team will provide recommendations to the COE TIER Implementation team in early June.  The team will work together with staff and supervisors to review these recommendations.   

May 5, 2016

Impacted staff, supervisors, and DEOs/Directors were invited to a meeting to discuss Phase II of the College of Education TIER Implementation.

PDF iconTIER Organization Redesign (PowerPoint presentation).

April 2016

Members of the TIER Implementation team met with the College of Education executive council and center directors to gather input on guiding principles and goals for Phase II of the TIER Implementation.  The guiding principles and goals will be shared with impacted staff and supervisors for input.

March 2016

The College completed the first phase of the TIER Financial Shared Services process, which included meetings to provide information to the College faculty and staff, analyzing data, and discussing the shared services model with eligible employees.  University Financial Shared Services Center (USS) staff met with COE staff members eligible for consideration to work in the USS.  COE staff members with HR responsibilities met with UI HR staff members.

The College of Education TIER Implementation team carefully reviewed this information and finalized the reassignment of individuals to the USS. We thank all who have participated in this process to date and particularly the individuals who will be joining USS on August 1st. These individuals are Elizabeth Decker, Chris Grier and Melissa Gilliam. Elizabeth, Chris and Melissa will continue to be located in the College of Education.  The USS location is being discussed and will be announced once finalized.

February 26, 2016

COE Staff Council hosted a Q & A forum for staff with Chris Annicella, HR Director, College of Education, Emily Campbell, Director of Finance and Budget, and Sue Sager, TIER Change Management Consultant.

February 25, 2016

The COE TIER Implementation team and UI Partners in Change Management, University Shared Services, and UI HR/Organizational Effectiveness hosted a college wide meeting to provide an overview of the College of Education TIER Implementation process.

PDF iconTIER Implementation Overview - Human Resources Redesign (PowerPoint presentation)

January 2016

In keeping with the goals of HR 01, the Sr Leader and Director of HR (Annicella) now has a dual reporting relationship with the Dean, College of Education and the Vice President for Human Resources.

Recommendations from UI HR related to the goals under HR 01 TIER Implementation will be provided by the UI Organizational Effectiveness team along with the overall redesign recommendations in early June.