Partnership with TIER@Iowa

The College of Education in partnership with the University of Iowa’s TIER@Iowa began its TIER Implementation process during the spring semester 2016.

TIER@Iowa is a commitment to providing the very highest value to our students, faculty, and staff by ensuring that University operations are effective and efficient. 

The goal of TIER@Iowa is to make our university strong and sustainable for the long term. The primary focus is reinvesting in our core academic missions of education, research, and service to drive learning, discovery, and engagement. TIER@Iowa originated from a review of the academic and administrative functions across Iowa’s three public universities. TIER (Transparent Inclusive Efficiency Review) is broad in scope and includes:

  • Academics
  • Sourcing and Procurement
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Student Services.

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College of Education TIER Implementation Team

The COE TIER Implementation team represents the College of Education stakeholder interests, provide suggestions to college leadership regarding the development, implementation and evaluation of college TIER initiatives. The team will cultivate dialogue about TIER throughout the college and campus, share key information with stakeholders and bring their feedback to the Executive Council.

John Achrazoglou
Director of Information Technology

Chris Annicella
Co- Chair; Human Resources Director

Tim Ansley
DEO, Psychological & Quantitative Foundations

Emily Campbell
Co- Chair; Director of Finance and Budget

Brian Douglas
Asst Dir, Belin Blank Center; TIER Communications Ambassador

Chris Morphew
Executive Associate Dean for Research and Innovation

Pam Ries
Director of UI REACH

Resources, Documents, and Presentations

PDF iconTIER Implementation Overview - Human Resources Redesign (February 2016)
This presentation introduced and explained details and planned timeline for the University Shared Services (USS) project within the College of Education.

PDF iconTIER Organization Redesign (May 5, 2016)
This presentation was given to staff and supervisors who may be impacted by the University Shared Services (USS) project.

Additional University of Iowa TIER Information

UI TIER@Iowa Teams

  • TIER@Iowa Leadership Team: The Leadership Team is responsible for working with colleges and units to implement TIER initiatives across campus. 
  • TIER Communication Ambassadors: Communication ambassadors play an important role in engaging the campus in dialogue about TIER. They facilitate discussion about TIER at the local and unit level.  Communication ambassadors disseminate information and serve as the local source of knowledge about TIER, answer questions, share facts and dispel rumors. They also gather feedback about the process and relay it back to leadership.
  • Project Teams: Each TIER initiative has one or more project teams working on implementation. Under the guidance of the TIER initiative leaders, project teams work collaboratively with college/unit implementation teams to achieve project goals.
  • Change Consultants: UI Change Consultants get people ready, willing and able to work in new ways. They work with implementation teams across all TIER initiatives to engage campus, and help transitions go as smoothly and effectively as possible, providing expert guidance, coaching, change tools and support.
  • Communication Committee: The TIER Communications Committee was launched in June 2015. The committee develops and implements communication strategies to generate understanding of the importance and urgency of TIER and to cultivate campus ownership. Three communications subcommittees have also been created to work on specific components of TIER communication.
  • UI TIER Advisory Board: Representing campus-wide stakeholder interests, the board provides advice and counsel to TIER leadership regarding the development, implementation, and evaluation of UI TIER initiatives; cultivates dialogue about TIER across campus; and shares key information with stakeholders, bringing their feedback to the Advisory Board.

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