Dear Colleagues and Friends,

How exciting it is to share with you the tremendous success of our capital campaign. Once again, our Hawkeye community has risen to the challenge of demonstrating their commitment to impact education. This level of success gives the University of Iowa College of Education a rare distinction among public university colleges of education. Please accept our heartfelt thanks for your belief in our work – our duty is to make good on your trust in us.

Never before has there been so much pressure to reform and improve education. As the highest ranked and highest quality teacher education program in Iowa, we are committed to addressing Iowa’s future teacher shortage by training more teachers and increasing the diversity of our teaching workforce. We are energized by these state and national challenges, and we will rise to meet them just as our donors have done. As leaders, scholars and innovators, we are responsible for leading the state, nation and world in education. And that is exactly what we will do with the resources you have entrusted with us.

We will continue to leverage our legacy of innovation and success to build an entrepreneurial ecosystem that values and rewards innovation. We must invest in our people and their ideas to continue driving innovation and continuous improvement. We must also invest in renovating the Lindquist Center to reflect the future of teaching and learning with the ability to rapidly test new ideas. We will expand our public/private partnerships to properly incentivize innovation in education while ensuring that student learning outcomes are the most important goal. With a relentless pursuit of excellence and an eye toward innovation, our future as a national leader will be firmly rooted in the impact of our teaching, research and service. Thank you for joining us on this wonderful journey!

Best wishes,

Daniel L. Clay


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