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Center for Disability Research and Education (CDRE)

Located in the University of Iowa’s Department of Teaching and Learning in the College of Education, CDRE (pronounced ‘cedar’) was established in 2010, and is currently maintained by distinguished faculty from the departments of Teaching & Learning and Psychological & Quantitative Foundations. The overall goal of this center is to assist those in search of current, documented, and innovative knowledge about evidence-based practices for working with individuals with disabilities. We believe that the distribution of this information is vital to ensure equitable educational and employment opportunities and improve educational outcomes for individuals with disabilities.

CDRE is geared to promote and provide support and services to University of Iowa faculty, students, and professionals from other institutions that serve or assist individuals with disabilities through disability related information, research, and educational programs and strategies.

CDRE envisions a community where individuals with disabilities, their families, and the professionals who work with them have effortless access to disability related research and instructional methods and strategies in order to sustain an independent lifestyle within our society.


The mission of CDRE is to provide a bridge between research and practice in order to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration and implementation of evidence-based practices and conduct research that meets the needs of individuals with disabilities.

CDRE focuses on achieving the following goals:

  1. Support for researchers and program evaluators conducting research on methods, strategies, and techniques geared to improve outcomes for individuals with disabilities.
  2. Dissemination of effective practices in improving outcomes for individuals with disabilities through:
    1. printing and making available in various venues manuals and materials for products developed through the CDRE’s research arm,
    2. offering professional development activities for practitioners, parents, or any interested parties on state-of-the-art practices for individuals with disabilities, and
    3. offering consultation with organizations serving individuals with disabilities to assist them in implementing state-of-the-art practices.  

This site offers updated information on related research, news, presentations, and projects relevant for improving outcomes for individuals with disabilities. Please make sure to check back often as the site is updated often.

  • For more information about CDRE, what we do, and who we are please take a moment to peruse our website. 


  • Youjia Hua  
  • Megan Foley Nicpon 
  • Suzanne Woods-Groves 
  • Jo M. Hendrickson
  • Allison Bruhn