This 3-1/2 day workshop will focus on the theory and practice of equating as discussed in chapters 1-10 in Kolen and Brennan’s Test Equating, scaling and linking: Methods and practices (3rd edition).

This workshop is suitable for:

  • Advanced graduate students in measurement
  • Faculty who plan to teach equating
  • Employees of state departments of education, testing companies, licensure and certification organizations
  • Others who want a relatively in-depth training on equating

CASMA group

Summer 2017 Equating Workshop participants and presenters

The next workshop dates are to be determined, but will be held no earlier than June 2018. If you would like to be notified of future equating workshops, please email

Past Workshop Presenters

What past participants are saying about the CASMA Equating Workshop

· This workshop was extremely well structured and delivered. The content was above what I was expecting in the sense that not only did it cover most issues related to equating but also provided more implicit information about context and procedures in educational testing.

  • The instructors were exceptional and very approachable. This is much appreciated with content that is so dense.
  • Very useful as an overview of a variety of methods that I didn’t know about before. Also has made me aware of certain practical aspects that can apply to context other than my own organization.
  • This workshop was valuable to me in that it provides an opportunity to learn about equating systematically, which was not provided in my Ph.D. program.
  • Extremely valuable, even with my extensive number of years experience conducting equating.
  • The random groups designs were laid out systematically in a very logical and easy to follow method. A lot of supplemental information was presented and will be helpful for my org in the future.
  • This workshop has helped me grow as a psychometrician. The examples described really helped me understand the issues and mechanics in equating.
  • This was an excellent workshop for me. It clarified various concepts for me in a simple manner. I really enjoyed the combination of theoretical and applied concepts.
  • Excellent workshop, provided wealth of information on critical issues for testing in education. Materials were extremely helpful in illustrating concepts.
  • Incredibly valuable. Thank you for your thoughtful attention to detail.
  • The workshop provides information on equating and test development. It offers great help for understanding the design and concepts of equating and dealing with practical issues.
  • The organization and preparation was outstanding! I aspire to be at this level with my own trainings and presentations.
  • Focus on conceptual framework was great. Hands-on practice and examples were also great.


Anne Wilson
CASMA Finance and Research Administrator