TLC Certificate ICON Site

Visit the TLC Certificate ICON Site by logging into ICON and changing the Session tab to Ongoing. Your TLC Certificate page will then allow you to update your TLC Certificate Tracker.

Click on the Tracker tab in ICON to update the TLC Workshops that you have attended and log your Community Service hours.

Community Services and Volunteer Experiences

TLC Certificate Volunteer Options

This element of the certificate program was developed to expose students to the unique needs of various populations within our community.

Students will perform at least 40 hours of community service after admission to the TEP in addition to the service completed for program admission. This service must be a non-paid experience.

Students will be able to answer the following questions while reflecting on their community service and volunteer experiences:

  • Identify the demographics and unique needs of the population this agency or organization serve.
  • How does this experience contribute or develop my understanding for the students/community I serve?
  • What particular components of this service contribute to my being a highly effective teacher?

Volunteer Opportunities