Alumni of the College of Education join a network of over 28,000 diverse and engaged leaders, scholars, and innovators in the fields of education, counseling, rehabilitation, and measurement. While the important work of alumni takes them across the globe, they remain connected through the lifelong bonds established with college faculty, staff, and fellow alumni.

Hawkeye Teachers with classic hawk

"The College of Education did a phenomenal job of preparing me to be a principal. The professors understood the world of administration and challenged us to become educational leaders that championed our students first and foremost."

Julie Trepa (BA ‘99, EdS ‘15), Principal at Paul Norton Elementary, Bettendorf, Iowa
Elementary Principal of the Year, School Administrators of Iowa, 2015

Hawkeye Teachers with classic hawk

"People say ‘We don’t have to see you playing the piano, we know just by the sound. That’s something that I can thank the University of Iowa for."

Gracka Gerardi (BA ‘36, Music Education), Retired Piano Teacher, Garner, Iowa
UI Grad Dedicates Life to Music Education