Iowa Testing Programs (ITP) has a legacy of giving back, especially when it comes to education in Iowa.

For over 80 years, ITP has been the leader in standardized testing nationwide. ITP provides sound, accurate, and actionable information with a variety of purposes and audiences in mind. These include measuring student achievement, monitoring student growth, and making relative comparisons. Not only that but ITP is also valuable when it comes to informing decisions about students and meeting state and federal requirements.

How exactly does ITP give back?

Iowa saves $12 million each year by using Iowa Assessments. These savings come from assessment administration, development, technology, and support costs. In contrast, the total cost to the State of Iowa to administer Iowa Assessments is a mere $1.6 million. Also, take into account the fact that the Iowa Assessments Administration’s cost per Iowa student is a mere $4.25. There is no charge for program support, development, and technology.

In 2017-18, Iowa Testing Programs will unveil the next generation of Iowa Assessments complete with both annual summative and evidence-based writing assessments, as well as a bank of test items for instructional and classroom use. The new assessments, which measure college and career readiness among those in grades 3 to 11, are backed by a robust history of field testing and research.


365,330 Iowa assessments administered both online and on paper to Iowa students


7,434 Iowa end-of-course tests administered online


45,207 educators accessed eITP, at no charge to Iowa


7,896 Iowa algebra readiness assessments administered online