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Dear Alumni and Friends,

I could not be prouder of the innovation and excellence in teaching, research, and service that take place daily in our college, on our campus, and in communities across the state, nation, and world. I am honored to have recently celebrated my 1st anniversary of serving as dean of Iowa’s top-ranked University of Iowa College of Education.

Whether immersed in experiential learning about STEM in the Colorado mountains, or working in a collaborative and technology-intensive space such as the recently-named Dr. Richard L. Ferguson Iowa Technology Enhanced Classroom, our college produces some of the best educators you’ll find anywhere.

It’s not just the cutting-edge technology that prepares our students for 21st-century learning environments. What really makes this college special are the people, and you’ll get to know some of them much better in this year’s annual report. 

We draw faculty who are recognized as leaders in their fields nationally and internationally. They’re conducting major research, mentoring our students, and providing the inspiration and guidance to develop culturally-competent, technologically-savvy educators, whether in STEM and social studies or special education, the arts, and English Language Learning. Our faculty are making contributions that benefit students and make our schools and communities more dynamic places to live and learn. 

Our more than 40 graduate programs also continue to rank among the top programs in the nation, drawing some of the best students and renowned faculty. Together, they collaborate on ground-breaking research in rehabilitation and student counseling, higher education administration, talented and gifted education, and testing and measurement, just to name a few areas.

While our N110 high-tech collaborative space continues to serve as a vital hub for everything from lectures and celebrations to conferences and field trips, we are planning to scale and expand these learning environments to more of Lindquist by pursuing a major renovation in the coming year that will help us even better prepare our students for future success.

We could not accomplish all that we do without the generous support of our donors and friends as well as partnerships with schools, businesses, government agencies, and non-profits across the state, nation, and world. All of you help make our success possible. 

You’ll find some of our proudest accomplishments in this year’s annual report. Read on and discover what makes this college a special place where innovation and excellence flourish.


Daniel L. Clay, PhD, MBA

Dean and Professor

Inspiring STEM innovation and exploration

From elementary students’ early understanding of science and math concepts to the many post-graduate research explorations we champion, the College of Education leads the charge in STEM education.

Read more about STEM innovation and exploration.

By The Numbers 2016-2017

Read more about our numbers.

The Community Writer

Liu’s refugee roots helps veterans tell their stories 

As a Vietnamese refugee coming to the United States in the late 1970s, Rossina Zamora Liu never dreamt that years later, she would be helping veterans tell their stories.

Read more about Rossina's work.

The Global Educator

Developing globally competent teachers and students 

Jason Harshman, an assistant professor with the UI College of Education, conducts professional development outreach efforts locally, nationally, and on an international scale.

Read more about Jason's work.

a map of the continental US with locations of leaders noted

Leaders Across the Nation, Our Global Partnerships

See where our alumni are leading universities and colleges across the U.S. and learn about some of our global partnerships.

Read more about our alumni in leadership roles and our global connections.

The Historian

Sanders helps create valuable resource for teachers across state, nation

Educational Policy and Leadership Studies Associate Professor Katrina Sanders, a Louisiana native, is one of several scholars from across the U.S. who curated the Race Relations in America online database.

Read more about Katrina's work.

Mark McDermott in a portrait pic

The STEM Educator

McDermott shares passion for teaching science

Mark McDermott loved teaching high school science so much that he now wants to strengthen a network of STEM educators via a new Master of Science in STEM Education program at the University of Iowa College of Education.

Read more about Mark's work.

The Counselor

Fostering environments of resilience

When children come to school, they don’t leave their home life behind. Sometimes, they come to the classroom from abusive or adverse home situations where that part of their lives impedes their ability to learn at school.

Read more about Armeda's work.

The Gamer

Learning in environments of collaborative play

Benjamin DeVane wants all students to see how learning about STEM can be both collaborative and fun.

Read more about Benjamin's work.

Dean's Scholars 2016

Staying tech-savvy

When it comes to the way future teachers learn, staying tech-savvy is crucial.

As technology’s role in the classroom continues to evolve, the Linda R. Baker Teacher Leader Center encourages pre-service teachers to move ahead of the curve by requiring professional development focused on using technology in a K-12 classroom in a purposeful way. 

Read more about how our students stay tech-savvy.

Richard Ferguson smiles while standing in the Dr. Richard L. Ferguson Iowa Technology Enhanced Classroom

ITEC classroom named in recognition of Richard “Dick” Ferguson

A special ceremony held in April celebrated the official naming of the Dr. Richard L. Ferguson Iowa Technology Enhanced Classroom, in recognition of Ferguson’s outstanding advocacy and service to the University of Iowa College of Education.

Read more about Richard and the ITEC classroom.

UI REACH graduates celebrate while wearing graduation caps and gowns

Congratulations, Graduates!

Nineteen students graduated from the College of Education's UI REACH Program (Realizing Educational and Career Hopes) in the spring of 2017, and six more UI REACH students graduated from our extension program

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