The innovative curriculum requires 24 hours of core credit and a minimum of 9 semester hours of specialization through electives addressing the unique needs of U.S. schools. Students can earn elective hours in a wide variety of contemporary topics in education, including STEM, Diversity in Schools, LGBTQ Issues, Global Education, Experiential Learning, Talented and Gifted Programs, Participatory Learning, Reading Diagnostics, and English Language Learners.

In addition to helping teaching professionals hone and improve their skills, this unique program’s curriculum is designed to ensure that professionals can pursue the master’s degree as part of their required professional obligation for continuing education. Iowa teachers can apply their MATLCC credits towards their ongoing learning requirements for maintaining licensure.

The MATLCC program is also aligned with the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS). Teachers who complete the MATLCC will be well prepared for the critical reflection necessary for NBPTS certification.

Required Coursework

Coursework is arranged into five sessions each year with a thoughtful eye on the PreK-12 school calendar. The minimum number of semester hours required to complete the degree is 33. The curriculum has two parts:

Program Core

24 Semester Hours

Course Name Course Number Credit Hours 18 Month –
Issues in US Schools EDTL:5095 3hrs
Instructional Coaching for Teaching Excellence EPLS:5090 3hrs
Issues in K12 Assessment PSQF:47407 3hrs
Learning Environments: Design, Context, Activity PSQF:4750 3hrs
Second Language Classroom Learning EDTL:6483 3hrs

Technology Integration in the 21st Century K12 Schools: Generation Innovation or
Participatory Learning and Media: Creating, remixing, making & education
(If students choose to take both of these classes due to interest, one may be used as an elective.)

PSQF: 4760

Diversity and Identity in K12 Schools EDTL:5090 3hrs
Capstone: Teaching, Leadership & Cultural Competency EDTL:5099 3hrs

Electives for Specialization

9 Semester Hours

Students can specialize in a wide variety of contemporary topics in education, including English Language Learners, STEM, Diversity in Schools, Literacy, Talented and Gifted/Exceptionality, Global Education, LGBTQ Issues in Education, and Technology.

Current Elective Listings

Note: Listing is subject to change and added to regularly.

Students can take all three electives in a single area (ie Talented and Gifted), or electives from multiple areas (ie one Talented and Gifted, one ELL, one STEM, or another such combination). Students should register for the MATLCC specific section of each of these elective courses. In many instances multiple sections will be offered.

Talented and Gifted

Course Number Title
RCE:4137 Educating Gifted Students
PSQF:4121:0EXV Identification of Students for Gifted Programs
EDTL:4056:0EXV Curriculum Concepts in Gifted Education


Course Number Title
EDTL:6761:0EXW* STEM Research and Leadership Seminar
EDTL:6762:0EXW* STEM Experiential Learning
EDTL:6563* STEM through Mathematical Modeling
EDTl:4565:0EXW* Math in Management & Social Science
EDTL:6766 * Physical Science Topics in STEM Education

English Language Learners

Course Number Title
EDTL:4467:0EXW* Methods: ESL and Bilingual Education  (4 semester hours)
EDTL:4498* Language Structure for Teaching ELLs (4 semester hours)
EDTL:6400:0EXW* Fundamentals of Second Language Assessment

Additional Elective Options

Course Number Title
EDTL:5083 Reading Diagnostics
EDTL:5091 LGBTQ Topics in Education
EPLS: 6381:* Analysis and Appraisal of Curriculum
EDTL:5093 Teaching/Learning for Global Perspective

*Register for the MATLCC Specific Section number

Sample 2017-2019 Calendar (18 Month Program) 33 Credit Hours

Sequence Course Title Start Date End Date
1 Issues in US Schools (3hrs) 08/21/2017 10/13/2017
2 Technology Integration in the 21st Century K12 Schools: Generation Innovation (3hrs) 10/16/2017 12/15/2017
  Winter Break    
3 & 4 Diversity and Identity in K12 Schools (3hrs)
Elective: STEM Experiential Learning (3hrs)
01/16/2018 03/09/2018
  Spring Break    
5 Second Language Classroom Learning (3hrs) 03/19/2018 05/11/2018
  Early Summer Break    
6 & 7 Learning Environments: Design, Context, Activity (3hrs)
Elective: LGBTQ Topics in Education (3hrs)
06/11/2018 08/03/2018
  Late Summer Break    
8 Instructional Coaching (3hrs) 08/20/2018 10/12/2018
9 Elective: Curriculum Concepts for Gifted Education (3hrs) 10/15/2018 12/14/2018
  Winter Break    
10 & 11 Issues in K12 Assessment (3hrs)
Capstone: TLCC (3hrs)
01/14/2019 03/08/2019

*For individuals completing the MATLCC program in mid October diploma is issued in December. For mid March program completers, diploma will be issued in May.

If you have additional questions about program requirements, please contact us at (844) 542-8893 or