Required Coursework

Coursework is arranged into five sessions each year with a thoughtful eye on the PreK-12 school calendar. The total number of semester hours required to complete the degree is 36.

Required Courses

STEM Pedagogy Courses (All of these = 9 s.h.)

  • EDTL:6761 STEM Research and Leadership Seminar (3 s.h.)
  • EDTL:6762 STEM Experiential Learning (3 s.h.)
  • EDTL:6563 STEM Through Mathematical Modeling (3 s.h.)

College of Education Course (One of these = 3 s.h.)

  • EDTL:5095:0EXW Issues in US Schools (3 s.h.)

Science/Mathematics Courses (6 s.h.)

  • Science or math graduate-level courses at the 3000 level or above in the following subject areas: BIOL, CHEM, EES, MATH, PHYS, or other courses if approved (consult advisor)

Independent Research (6 s.h.)

  • Planned in coordination with an academic advisor.

Additional Course Work (6 s.h. that could include the following and other courses as available

  • EDTL:6534:OEXW Foundations of Mathematics Education (2-3 s.h.)
  • PSQF:4143 Introduction to Statistical Methods (3 s.h.)
  • PSQF:6200 Educational Psychology (3 s.h.)
  • EDTL:6570:OEXW Foundation of School Mathematics Curriculum (3 s.h.)
  • EDTL:5535:0001 Current Issues in Mathematics Education (3 s.h.)

STEM Extracurricular Experience (This course 6 s.h.)

  • EDTL:6764 STEM Extracurricular Experience and Capstone (6 s.h.)

M.S. with Iowa K-12 STEM Education Specialist Endorsement

The Iowa K-12 STEM Education Specialist endorsement is a State of Iowa Endorsement only.

If students wish to obtain the Iowa K-12 STEM Specialist Endorsement in addition to earning the M.S. they must:

  • Demonstrate completion of 12 s.h. of science and 12 s.h. of math content course work. Credit is granted for math and science content course work completed as part of the M.S. program.
  • Complete an additional 3 s.h. of engineering or technological design course work. Students will work with a faculty advisor to obtain the necessary additional courses.

Students will work with an advisor to identify and complete other necessary requirements. If you have additional questions about program requirements, please contact us at (844) 542-8893 or