The M.S. in STEM Education (online) fulfills the critical need for improving STEM education by training effective educators who specialize in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The M.S. in STEM Education is a collaboration between the Science Education and Mathematics Education programs. Candidates in the program simultaneously earn the M.S. in STEM Education while completing most of the requirements necessary to obtain the Iowa K-12 STEM Education Specialist endorsement (this endorsement is only for the state of Iowa). Candidates seeking the endorsement will need to complete additional coursework before applying to the Iowa BOEE.

More information: admission requirements, application instructions, and program requirements.

Employment Opportunities

The M.S. in STEM Education (online) prepares candidates to meet the emerging needs of schools and districts in the state and nationally as teachers, instructional leaders, and curriculum developers.

This program is also provides advanced STEM educational training for professionals involved in community programs, content creations/publishing, and education advocacy.