The Master of Arts program in social studies education requires 38 s.h. of graduate credit.

Program Requirements

Students enrolled in the Master of Arts Program A create a course of study in consultation with their advisor that aligns with their interests related to social studies education and/or their profession. Students distribute the program's required 38 s.h. among three concentration fields in history or a social science (or related area), social studies and global education, and general education. At least 9 s.h. must be earned in history or a social science and in general education courses numbered 3000 or above. Students also must earn at least 12 s.h. in courses numbered 6000 or above offered through the social studies education program.

Students who choose the thesis option complete a research or investigative problem. If the thesis is research or investigation in history, social science, or a related area, the thesis director is a member of the appropriate department. If the thesis is an investigative problem in social studies education, the thesis director is a College of Education faculty member.

Program A Comprehensive Examination

A Master of Arts Program A candidate selects one faculty member from each concentration area to serve as a committee member responsible for creating and reviewing a question for the written exam. Committee members are selected in consultation with the candidate's advisor. The required comprehensive examination consists of three two-hour written exams, one on each of the three concentration fields.