Undergraduate Students

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Graduate Students

Most graduate assistantships in the Department of Teaching and Learning require the completion of a teacher certification program and appropriate related experience. Graduate assistantships in Teaching and Learning involve:

  • Teaching sections of undergraduate courses under supervision of faculty
  • Supervising student teachers and conducting student teaching seminars
  • Supervising practicum students
  • Maintaining equipment
  • Assisting in preparation of instructional materials
  • Assisting in faculty research and grant activities

Programs in Teaching and Learning include elementary education, art education, English education, developmental reading, foreign language education, foundations, mathematics education, music education, science education, social studies education, and special education.

Elementary Education

A number of teaching assistantships are available for graduate students pursuing advanced programs in elementary education. Specific assignments vary. Some involve supervising undergraduate majors enrolled in practicums, and some involve teaching sections of undergraduate methods courses and supervising student teachers. Most assistantships are classified as one half time. This classification permits students to register for a maximum of 12 s.h. of credit per semester. Graduate students with assistantships must register for a minimum of 6 s.h. per semester.

All assistantships are awarded on a competitive basis. To be considered for an assistantship, applicants must have been admitted to regular status in the Graduate College and accepted in an advanced program by the College of Education. Inquiries concerning assistantships should be directed to the division chair.

Secondary and Special Education

A limited number of assistantships are available for graduate students pursuing advanced degrees. Holders of such assistantships may register for no more than 12 s.h. and, except with special permission, no less than 6 s.h. per semester. Assignments vary. Some involve teaching undergraduate courses or supervising practicum experiences, and others are made up primarily of research activities.

Secondary education graduate students also may be eligible for assistantships in some College of Liberal Arts and Sciences departments. A candidate with appropriate credentials should apply directly to the specific department or consult the College of Education adviser directing the program in the appropriate field.

Application for Graduate Assistantship

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