Students in the Language, Literacy, and Culture Ph.D. program are required to take 18 s.h. in research course work.

Both of these:

  • EDTL:7070 Introducation to Qualitative Methods in Literacy Research (3 s.h.)
  • PSQF: 6243 Intermediate Statistical Methods (4 s.h.)

Twelve additional credit hours as outlined below:

  • A sequence of courses that meets the specific research interests of the student, to be selected in consultation with an adviser and the Language, Literacy, and Culture faculty.
  • Credits may be taken in any combination of qualitative, quantitative or other relevant research paradigms.
  • Courses may be taken either within or outside of the College of Education.

Students are recommended to take EALL:5150 Introduction to Educational Research early in their programs of study as 3 of these 12 credit hours.