By Jarvis McCowin (M.A. 2015)

Welcome to the family, HESA graduating class of 2016!

You all know the wonderful phrase, “trust the process.” I want to commend you for trusting the process. You did it. You persisted to, and through, graduate school. You have earned your degree. Whatever your plans post-graduation, I hope you really take some time to celebrate your recent accomplishment. Go ahead, really, stand up if you are able, jump for joy, high five the person sitting next to you, hug someone that helped you make it this far (get consent first)…Congratulations!

Those of you who attended the HESA Hooding Ceremony heard how great the 2016 Albert B. Hood Outstanding Alum, Mr. Carlton Goode, is. Carlton was, and still is, “my person.” To this day, he sees something in me that I did not know existed. He continues to help me grow, learn, benefit from that buzz-phrase, “holistic development,” and truly cares about my academic, social, and personal experiences. He demands excellence from me. He believes in me and I would not have completed my undergraduate, or graduate studies, without his support.

Of course, like you, Carlton earned his graduate degree learning the same curriculum you learned, was educated by some of the same professors you had the privilege of learning from, sat in the same classrooms as you, probably got lost the first day walking in the Lindquist Center like you did, etc. All this to say, you are now a member of a strong bond of wonderful educators committed to working with students along their complicated, wonderful, vibrant, confusing, wild, and precious journey on this thing called life.

If you learned one thing about Carlton’s story, I hope you reflect upon and remember the notion of what it means to truly care, wholeheartedly, for the students you will be working with and for. Your journey toward assisting in the development of students is just beginning. Remain steadfast in your purpose. Remember you did not do this alone and remember you are not alone wherever you go from here.

Congratulations! Again, welcome to the family!

Congratulations HESA Class of 2016

HESA Class of 2016
  • Benjamin Gillig, Ph.D.
  • Cindy Ann Kilgo, Ph.D.
  • Anthony Wayne Knight, Ph.D.
  • Jiajun Liu, Ph.D.
  • Eugene Parker, Ph.D.
  • Kira Pasquesi, Ph.D.
  • Angela Aileen Reams, Ph.D.
  • Scot Reisinger, Ph.D.
  • Jonathan Merle Sexton, Ph.D.
  • Dong Hyuk Shin, Ph.D.
  • Teniell L. Trolian, Ph.D.


  • Amy Chin-Pokhrel, M.A.
  • Megan Dial, M.A.
  • Shuhui Lin, M.A.
  • Nicholas Lopez, M.A.
  • Kevin MacBride, M.A.
  • Gina Marino, M.A.
  • Carson Phillips, M.A.
  • Jennifer Lynn Reinus, M.A.
  • Michael Rieger, M.A. 
  • Raven Robinson, M.A. 
  • Daniel Schnall, M.A. 
  • Ryan Specht, M.A.
  • Taylor Farnum Ullrich, M.A.