The Higher Education and Student Affairs program is united in its commitment to advancing knowledge, and cultivating transformation in the practice and study of postsecondary education.  The HESA program offers educational leaders, scholars, and practitioners comprehensive expertise built from a range of intellectual traditions.  Our differences (philosophies, methods, disciplinary training, and personal backgrounds) exemplify the respect and concern we have for ensuring that students develop a deep understanding and interconnected view of the field.  Together, the HESA program coalesces around a shared sense of responsibility to produce research, and to spark innovative thinking, that addresses the contemporary challenges and persistent inequities that permeate the field of higher education and student affairs.

Together we pursue these tasks by:

  • Engaging authentically with civility and respect
  • Critically examining issues of justice and social change
  • Offering learning experiences that require holistic reflection
  • Examining the classic and contemporary contexts of postsecondary education
  • Cultivating a caring and dynamic learning community and a rigorous culture of scholarship and ethical practice