The only required course in the M.A. program is the M.A. Seminar in English Education, a course offered every fall semester at a time in the evening when practicing teachers can attend class. Candidates design the rest of their program themselves, in consultation with their advisor. They are free to choose courses from the wide range of offerings in the College of Education and in the English Department, but they can also choose courses in related disciplines such as Psychology, Anthropology, and American Studies. Candidates who are teaching full- or part-time can complete their programs over several years, taking courses in the evenings in the summers, and on-line, as their schedule allows. Candidates who are not currently teaching can usually finish their programs within 3 or 4 semesters.

The M.A. Comprehensive Exam

MA Comps are developed in consultation with the student’s advisor. Students first ask three faculty members to serve on their committee. These faculty members can include professors outside of the College of Education. One of these faculty members, usually the student's advisor, serves as chair.

Dates, deadlines, and forms are available on the Graduate Exam web page. Contact the Office of Student Services with questions.