The M.A. in learning sciences requires a minimum of 30 s.h. of graduate credit. Course requirements are as follows.

Required Courses

PSQF:6204 Foundations of the Learning Sciences

PSQF:6205 Design of Instruction

PSQF:6200 Educational Psychology

PSQF:6203 Tools and External Representations in Learning Processes

PSQF:6281 Cognition and Learning

PSQF:6214 Design of Learning Environments

PSQF:6208 Designing Educational Multimedia OR
PSQF:6215 Web-based Learning

PSQF:6299 MA Project: Internship/Practicum/Portfolio

Elective Opportunities (2 courses)

Electives allow the student to choose a strand of interest to develop a multidisciplinary specialization.  Current areas and course options within include:

Human Development and Motivation focus area

  • PSQF:4106 Child Development
  • PSQF:4111 Human Motivation
  • PSQF:4130 Early Adolescent Development
  • PSQF:4133 The Adolescent and Young Adult (online)
  • PSQF:6206 Advanced Child Development

Technology and Media focus area

  • PSQF:6208 Designing Educational Multimedia (online)
  • PSQF:6215 Web-based Learning (online)
  • PSQF:6331 Digital Media and Learning
  • PSQF:6216 Online Tools and Utilities (online)
  • PSQF:6211 Universal Design and Accessibility for Online Learning

Measurement and Evaluation focus area

  • PSQF:4143 Introduction to Statistical Methods (online)
  • PSQF:6257 Educational Measurement and Evaluation (online)
  • PSQF:6220 Quantitative Educational Research Methods
  • PSQF:5165 Introduction to Program and Product Evaluation (online)
  • PSQF:6265 Program Evaluation