All of the courses for the MA degree in educational measurement and statistics can be completed through web-based course work. The following table shows the typical sequence of online courses that are needed to complete the MA in two years.

Typical Course Sequence for Online Master’s Degree in Educational Measurement and Statistics

  • First Year - Fall
    • PSQF:4143 Introduction to Statistical Methods
    • PSQF:6200 Educational Psychology
  • First Year - Spring
    • PSQF:5165 Introduction to Program and Project Evaluation
    • PSQF:6243 Intermediate Statistical Methods
    • PSQF:6257 Educational Measurement and Evaluation
  • Second Year - Fall
    • PSQF:6246 Design of Experiments
    • PSQF:6255 Construction and Use of Evaluation Instruments
  • Second Year - Spring
    • PSQF:6220 Quantitative Educational Research Methodologies
    • PSQF:6250 Computer Packages for Statistical Analysis

In addition to the courses in listed above, one elective course or an independent study must be completed in order to fulfill the 32-semester-hour requirement. The elective course can be taken during the fall semester of the first or second year. Examples of online elective courses include PSQF:6205 Design of Instruction, PSQF:6208 Designing Educational Multimedia, PSQF:6215 Web-Based Learning, and PSQF:7204 Foundations of Learning Sciences. The comprehensive examination for online students is taken after completion of the coursework that constitutes the exam.