Required Courses (29 s.h.)

Many incoming students will have previously taken courses that are equivalent to PSQF:4143, PSQF:4150 or PSQF:6200. Equivalent courses may take the place of the required courses, subject to the approval of a student’s academic advisor. Unless students have previously taken a course that is judged by the faculty of educational measurement and statistics to be equivalent, students will take all the other courses listed. 

Course #  Title Hours
PSQF:4143 Introduction to Statistical Methods (or equivalent) 3
PSQF:4150 Introduction to Educational Measurement (or equivalent) 3
PSQF:5165 Introduction to Program and Project Evaluation 3
PSQF:6200 Educational Psychology (or equivalent) 3
PSQF:6220 Quantitative  Educational Research Methodologies 3
PSQF:6243 Intermediate Statistical Methods 4
PSQF:6244 Correlation and Regression 4
PSQF:6246 Design of Experiments 4
PSQF:6250 Computer Packages for Statistical Analysis 3
PSQF:6255 Construction and Use of Evaluation Instruments 3
PSQF:6257 Educational Measurement and Evaluation 3

*Students are required to take either PSQF:6244 or PSQF:6246.

Electives and/or Thesis

Students who choose to complete a non thesis MA degree will take electives. Recommended areas from which electives may be chosen include education, educational psychology, educational measurement, program evaluation, statistical methods, computer programming/data processing, and mathematical statistics.  

In addition to electives, students who choose the MA with thesis will take two to four semester hours (2-4 s.h.) of thesis credit. The topic must be in the field of educational measurement, evaluation, or statistical methods and is chosen by the student in consultation with his or her advisor.

Comprehensive Examination

Option A:

Students typically take a 6-hour comprehensive examination in the following two areas:  

  • Educational Measurement and Evaluation (3 hours) – PSQF:6255, PSQF:6257, and one of the following: PSQF:4150 or PSQF:5165
  • Educational Statistics and Research Design (3 hours) – PSQF:4143, PSQF:6243, and one of the following: PSQF:6220, PSQF:6244, or PSQF:6246.

Option B:

With the approval of the MA committee, a student may take the comprehensive examination in three areas.  

  • Educational Measurement  (2 hours) –PSQF:6255, PSQF:6257
  • Educational Statistics  (2 hours) – PSQF:4143, PSQF:6243
  • Third area  (2 hours). A third area of the student’s choosing with consent of the student’s academic advisor. Examples of this third area include, but are not limited to  (a) PSQF:6220 and PSQF:6165 (b) PSQF:4150 and PSQF:6165