In the past twenty years, there has been a shift in education policy toward holding schools accountable for the achievement gap in K-12 academic test scores. It is clear that this push for public accountability has become an integral component of the American education system. As a result, graduates of colleges of education are now expected to have some understanding of education measurement and the use of assessment information to improve curriculum. The University of Iowa is in a unique position to offer a special program to meet this need. It is the only university in the country with a testing program as part of the College of Education (Iowa Testing Programs) and with a research faculty with expertise in curriculum design and educational policy.


The new, interdisciplinary Education Specialist Degree (Ed.S.) program, School Curriculum and Assessment Policy (SCAP), combines many courses already offered across the College of Education. Its purpose is to provide graduate students training to become school leaders with a functional knowledge of how to use assessment information for both accountability purposes and curriculum evaluation. The SCAP program is designed for educators who hold a master’s degree but would like to pursue a course of study to better understand the intersection between curriculum, assessment, and education policy. Graduates of this program will be qualified to serve as educational leaders in the areas of school policy, assessment, and curriculum at the federal, state, and district levels.

Academic Progress

We follow closely the Graduate College policies regarding grades and progress toward degree. As such, students should be aware that any grade below a “C-” is considered a failing grade and will not count toward your degree. Students should also be mindful of the threshold for academic probation status. These and other academic policies are detailed in the Graduate College Manual.

More information about residency, updating old credits, and registration requirements can be found on the Graduate College website.

Academic Advising

All Educational Leadership students will be assigned to a faculty academic advisor who will work with the student in developing a program of study, authorize the student to register each semester, share important communications from the College and the University with the student, and respond to student questions regarding the program. The advisor assignment can be changed at the request of the student.

Forms and Worksheets

FileAdvising Worksheet - Ed.S. in School Curriculum and Assessment Policy Program