Range of credit hours: 18-21 depending on the final choice posed in #4 or additional research credits in #3.

  1. First fall semester all Ph.D. students in RCE would take RCE:7458 Seminar Current Issues and Trends in Counselor Education.
  2. Second semester of the first year through fall of the next/second year students would take (7 hrs):
    1. PSQF:6243 Intermediate Stats (4) or as equivalent both SOC:6170 Introduction to Sociological Data Analysis (3) AND SOC:6180 Linear Models in Sociological Research (3)
      AND all students must take
    2. An entry level qualitative class from one of the following below:
      1. EPLS:7373 Qualitative Research Design and Methods
      2. RCE:7338 Essentials of Qualitative Inquiry in Education
      3. EDTL:7070 Introduction to Qualitative Methods in Literacy Research
      4. PSQF:7331 Qualitative Educational Research Methods
  3. Second semester second year all RCE students take RCE:7460 Research Seminar in Counseling.
  4. All RCE students would take either:
    1. An advanced quantitative design class, with a number above PSQF:6243 OR
      1. EPLS:6206 Research Process and Design
      2. EPLS:6209 Survey Research and Design
      3. EPLS:6370 Quantitative Methods for Policy Analysis
      4. PSQF:6220 Quantitative Educational Research Methodologies
      5. PSQF:6244 Correlation and Regression
      6. PSQF:6246 Design of Experiments
      7. PSQF:6247 Nonparametric Statistics
      8. PSQF:6249 Factor Analysis and Structural Equation Models
      9. PSQF:6252 Introduction to Multivariate Statistical Methods
    2. An advanced qualitative design class, from the list below:
      1. EPLS:5195 Research in Cross-Cultural Settings
      2. EPLS:5240 Introduction to Historical Methodology
      3. RCE:7438 Advanced Qualitative Research Seminar in Rehabilitation and Counselor Education
      4. RCE:7444 Qualitative Research in the Multicultural Context
      5. PSQF:6265 Program Evaluation
      6. EDTL:6267 Seminar Current Issues in Art Education: Qualitative Methods
      7. EDTL:7071 Critical Discourse Analysis
      8. EDTL:7072 Advanced Methods of Literacy Research: Qualitative Data Analysis and Reporting
      9. EDTL:7073 Ethnographic Methods, Theories, and Texts
      10. EDTL:7074 Qualitative Research with Computer-Aided Qualitative Data Analysis Software (CAQDAS)
      11. EDTL:7751 Advanced Qualitative Data Analysis
      12. EDTL:7953 Single Subject Design Research
      13. CNW:6654 The Ethnographic Essay
    3. OR a mixed methods class: EDTL:7410 Mixed Methods Research

Students that desire to enroll in a course that is not listed above, and wish to receive credit towards their department requirements, must obtain prior approval from their advisor, the departmental faculty, and the DEO.