PhD students in RCE should complete introductory courses in both quantitative and qualitative data analysis. Beyond each introductory course on these areas, students will also complete up to 6 additional s.h. in any of these two research tracks. These courses in addition to the RCE-specific required research courses complete the PhD research requirements for the Counselor Education and Supervision PhD program. Total research requirements = XX s.h.

RCE -specific Research Courses (10 s.h.)

  • RCE:6394 - Internship in Research (ME/ER) (3s.h.)
  • RCE:7460 - Seminar: Research in Counseling (3s.h.)
  • RCE:7458 - Seminar: Issues and Trends in Counseling Research (4s.h.)

Quantitative Research Track (ranges between 7 – 10 s.h.)

  • PSQF:4143 - Introduction to Statistical Methods (if needed) (4 s.h.)
  • PSQF:6242 - Selected Applications of Statistics (if 6243 not taken*) (3 s.h.)
  • PSQF:6243 - Intermediate Statistical Methods** (4 s.h.)

Adv. Quant. Track (Minimum of 3 s.h. from courses listed below

NOTE: The College of Education has endorsed PSQF:6243** as required course for PhD students wanting to pursue advanced statistical courses. Students who opt to enroll in PSQF:6242* while meet the basic quantitative requirements set for PhD studies in CoE, typically will pursue advanced studies in qualitative/mixed methods data analysis.

  • EPLS:6206 - Research Process and Design
  • EPLS:6209 - Survey Research and Design
  • EPLS:6370 - Quantitative Methods for Policy Analysis
  • PSQF:6220 - Quantitative Educational Research Methodologies
  • PSQF:6244 - Correlation and Regression
  • PSQF:6246 - Design of Experiments
  • PSQF:6249 - Factor Analysis and Structural Equation Models
  • PSQF:6252 - Introduction to Multivariate Statistical Methods

Qualitative Research Track (ranges between  6 - 9 s.h.)

  • RCE:7338 - Essentials of Qualitative Inquiry or Collegiate Equivalent (3s.h.)

Adv. Qual. Track (Minimum of 3 s.h. from courses listed below)

  • EPLS:5240 - Topics in Education: Introduction to Historical Methodology
  • PSQF:6265 - Program Evaluation
  • EDTL:6267 - Seminar Current Issues in Art Education (Qualitative methods)
  • EDTL:7071 Critical Discourse Analysis Ed Research
  • EDTL:7072 - Advanced Qualitative Data Analysis
  • EDTL:7073 - Ethnographic Methods, Theories, and Texts
  • EDTL:7953 - Single Subject Design Research

Students that desire to enroll in a course that is not listed above, and wish to receive credit towards their department requirements, must obtain prior approval from their advisor, the departmental faculty, and the DEO.