The Ph.D. in counseling psychology requires a minimum of 111 s.h. of graduate credit, and 12-15 dissertation credit hours.

Basic Psychology

All students are required to have a thorough grounding in the basic discipline of psychology. This may be achieved through a minimum of 3 s.h. of credit in each of the following four areas: biological bases of behavior, cognitive-affective bases of behavior, social bases of behavior, and history and systems. Students complete an additional 6 s.h. in the area of individual differences.

Statistics and Research Design

All of the following:

PSQF:6243 Intermediate Statistical Methods   4 s.h.
EALL:5150 Introduction to Educational Research   3 s.h.
PSQF:7331 Qualitative Educational Research Methods  3 s.h.

One of the following:

PSQF:6244 Correlation and Regression   4 s.h.
PSQF:6246 Design of Experiments   4 s.h.

Selection of:

One additional qualitative course and one additional quantitative course, or  
Two additional qualitative courses .

Counseling Psychology Core

PSQF:6223/PSQF:6225 Introduction to Counseling Psychology Practice/Research I-II 6 s.h.
PSQF:XXX CP Practice and Research III  (Supervision/Consultation) 3 s.h.
PSQF:6235 Multicultural Counseling 3 s.h.
PSQF:7305 Psychotherapy I: Dynamic and Phenomenological Approaches 3 s.h.
PSQF:7306 Psychotherapy III: Career Interventions 3 s.h.
PSQF:7309 Personality Assessment 3 s.h.
PSQF:7310 Intelligence Assessment 3 s.h.
PSQF:7356 Processes and Outcomes in Counseling and Psychotherapy 3 s.h.
PSQF:7365 Psychotherapy II: Cognitive and Behavioral Approaches 3 s.h.
PSQF:7434 Practicum in Counseling Psychology 3 s.h.
PSQF7:453 Advanced Practicum in Counseling Psychology (repeatable) 1-3 s.h.
PSQF:7465 Issues and Ethics in Professional Psychology 3 s.h.
PSQF:XXX Psychotherapy IV – Group Counseling 3 s.h.

Students must enroll in practicums to reach a specified level of client contact, supervision, and additional experience hours. The first practicum's site typically is University Counseling Service. Subsequent placements at other sites must have prior approval of the counseling psychology faculty. Students must successfully complete one semester of PSQF:434 Practicum in Counseling Psychology before enrolling in PSQF:453 Advanced Practicum in Counseling Psychology.

Other Requirements

Elective courses are determined in collaboration with the major advisor.

The dissertation research study is planned in collaboration with the doctoral student's major advisor. Dissertation credit can range from 12 to 15 s.h.

Students spend a calendar year in an internship setting approved by the counseling psychology faculty. The faculty determines student readiness to apply for the internship based on completion of all or almost all required course work, satisfactory progress toward completion of the portfolio requirement, and successful completion of practicum requirements. Internships usually require geographic relocation.

Comprehensive examinations are written in counseling psychology ethics and issues. The comprehensive examination is structured as a component of the portfolio review. For more information, contact the program coordinator.

Students must show appropriate levels of emotional balance and interpersonal skills and act within the American Psychological Association Ethical Principles of Psychologists. For more information, contact the program director.