The Masters of Arts program in counseling psychology provides students with education in the theories, research, and scholarship about the principles and foundational knowledge in counseling psychology. Students will be recruited from and taught in Hong Kong.

This program is an academic program and the curriculum is predominantly the presentation of theories and research (70%). Students will also participate in analyzing case-studies, developing case conceptualizations, and participating in live demonstrations (30%).

Through intensive study, students will learn culturally appropriate and relevant psychological interventions, strategies, and remediation to work with people to effectively to solve problems, respond to client situations, and plan for the future.

Students who graduate from this program will be qualified to apply for doctoral programs in professional psychology and counseling fields, such as clinical, counseling, or school psychology as well as counselor education, rehabilitation counseling, and school counseling.

Admission Requirements

Application Deadlines and Procedures

Program Requirements

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Goals and Learning Objectives

Academic Advising

Student Policies

Goals and Learning Objectives

This program’s goals are to train students to understand the theory and scholarship of counseling and psychology. To achieve this goal, the curriculum has been developed to mainly focus on and address the integration of psychological theory, professional development, and training in scholarship.

Student Educational Goals

Goal 1: Students will be knowledgeable in the principles and foundations of counseling and psychology as a science and as a profession.

Goal 2: Students will demonstrate competence in the areas of scholarship, theories of psychological intervention and implementation, and evaluation.

Goal 3: Students will demonstrate sensitivity to and awareness of all aspects of diversity, including issues related to racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity, as well as diversity related to age, gender, sexual orientation, and disability. This awareness will be incorporated across theories, research, and scholarship.

Goal 4: Students will demonstrate a thorough knowledge of ethical principles and will effectively apply them to clinical and research case study situations.

Academic Advising

Each student will be advised by one faculty member. The faculty advisors will be from the counseling psychology doctoral program. Students accepted into the program will be assigned an advisor from the core counseling psychology faculty. Affiliated faculty participating in the program will also be eligible to mentor students in the Hong Kong Counseling Psychology program.

Student Policies