Helping is a human endeavor. In an ever-changing world, the need for personal relationships is constant. The undergraduate Bachelor of Arts in Education Studies and Human Relations (ESHR) capitalizes on this need and will prepare you for jobs in helping and learning professions,  advanced studies in education, counseling, and much more. 

The multidisciplinary ESHR major fits those looking to enter a helping profession, but who do not wish to pursue classroom teaching.

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There are two subprograms within the ESHR major to help you meet your educational and career goals:

Education Studies

This subprogram is for students interested in pursuing careers in learning technologies, school district support roles, education policy, assessment and evaluation, among other options.

It also prepares students for future graduate study in educational measurement, learning sciences, educational psychology, higher education and student affairs, and other related areas.

Human Relations

This subprogram is for students interested in careers in helping fields that rely on interpersonal communication and personal problem solving.

It also prepares students for future graduate study in professional counseling, health-service psychology, couple and family therapy, community relationship, and related fields.

Concentration Areas

A variety of optional informal concentration areas within ESHR are offered to help you build a program of study that works for your goals. Students may choose a subprogram and/or tailor their concentration areas to their individual career trajectory. Concentration areas include:

  • Learning and Development

  • Learning, Design, and Media

  • Diversity Education

  • Couple and Family

  • Trauma Informed Advocacy


Think the ESHR major might be right for you? Questions?



General inquiries can be addressed to Director of Education Studies and Human Relations, Kathy Schuh.

Current students interested in changing majors or adding the ESHR major should contact Kathy Mossman, Academic Advisor.