The rigorous Art Education programs provide graduate and undergraduate students with the opportunity to explore and engage with art history, education, community arts, and studio practice.

Art Education programs at the University of Iowa College of Education prepare artists as teachers of art in elementary schools, middle schools, secondary schools, community settings, and four-year colleges. The program also produces scholars in art education and supervisors of art in community settings, museums, state departments of education, and school systems.



The Art Education K-12 Certification program prepares undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students for licensure to teach art to grades K-12. Students pursuing Art Education as a major will graduate with a B.A. or B.F.A from the School of Art and Art History, as well as K-12 art teacher certification through the college’s Teacher Education Program. Post-baccalaureates receive the teacher certification without pursuing a degree.

Note: Undergraduate elementary education majors may also obtain a specialization in Art so they are certified to teach K-6 or 5-12 general art classes.


The Art Education program’s strong academic emphasis helps teachers who are creative artists become highly literate in the history and language of art. In addition to coursework in education, students in the 38- semester-hour Art Education program are required to take studio art and art history classes. Students also draw on resources in American studies, anthropology, sociology, and the program in literature, science, and the arts to complete their degree.

Candidates work in:

  • Art teachers in elementary and secondary schools
  • Art teachers at colleges or universities
  • Art teachers at museums
  • Art administrators

Application Deadlines

  • Fall Semester—July 15 (April 15 for international students) 
  • Spring Semester—December 1 (October 1 for international students) 
  • Summer Session—April 15 (March 1 for international students) 



College of Education added endorsement programs are state-of-Iowa approved, and available to current Teacher Education Program students and in-service teachers.

How to add an endorsement

Art Endorsements

  • Elementary Education (K-8) Specialization in Art 
  • Art Education (5-12)


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