Mission and Vision


To deliver a personal, affordable, and top-ranked education for students who want to collaborate with renowned faculty to solve problems and effect change in the field of education in our community, our country, and around the world.


To prepare world-class leaders, scholars, innovators, educators, psychologists, and counselors.

Strategic Plan

The College of Education’s 2013-2018 Strategic Plan identifies four priorities in accordance with the University of Iowa’s strategic planning goals:

  1. Ensuring student success through careful attention to our collegiate environment; through continuous attention to good recruitment, selectivity, and diversity of students, faculty, and staff; and through ongoing improvement in career development and alumni engagement.
  2. Building knowledge and practice to address major societal challenges by engaging in collaborative translational research, with findings made accessible to the state and the profession.
  3. Facing new frontiers as we prepare educational leaders who must develop the practices and competencies needed to address complex educational and social issues across the globe.
  4. Creating better futures for Iowans as we address the needs of a changing population with innovative leadership, thereby improving economic well-being, cultural vitality, and quality of life throughout our state and far beyond.

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