The University of Iowa College of Education offers top-ranked academic degree programs in teaching and learning, higher education, education policy, counseling, rehabilitation, and measurement. Students in these programs have the opportunity to collaborate with world-renowned faculty and are prepared to become leaders, scholars, and innovators in their field. 


Educational Policy and Leadership Studies

The Department of Educational Policy and Leadership Studies (EPLS) is made up of three distinct graduate degree programs. All are designed to prepare education leaders, teachers, professors, and researchers in the fields of Higher Education and Student Affairs, Educational Leadership, and Schools, Culture, and Society.


Interim Department Chair: Liz Hollingworth

N483 Lindquist Center


Psychological and Quantitative Foundations

The Department of Psychological and Quantitative Foundations involves the psychological and quantitative foundations of education. This includes five graduate programs: Counseling Psychology, Couple and Family Therapy, Educational Measurement and Statistics, Educational Psychology and Learning Sciences, and School Psychology. Each of these programs seeks to understand issues related to education from a psychological and/or quantitative perspective, rather than from a social or historical perspective.


Department Chair: Megan Foley Nicpon

N330 Lindquist Center


Counselor Education

Faculty and programs in the Department of Counselor Education prepare caring, highly skilled counselors in four different programs: Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling (master’s), School Counseling (master’s), Counselor Education and Supervision (doctoral), and Rehabilitation Counselor Education (doctoral).


Department Chair: Noel Estrada-Hernandez

N338B Lindquist Center


Teaching and Learning

In the Department of Teaching and Learning, faculty are preparing today's teachers for tomorrow's schools. With a variety of certification areas at both the undergraduate and graduate level, our college has the right program for you. Experienced faculty provide opportunities for students to learn from cutting-edge technologies. In addition, faculty conduct cutting edge research, securing millions of dollars in external funding. Whether applying to an elementary or high school as a beginning teacher or a research university as a faculty member, our graduates are in high demand.


Department Chair: Lia Plakans

N259 Lindquist Center