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WE ARE PHIL Faculty/Staff Giving Week: October 16-20, 2017

Dan Clay with sign that reads - Thanks to everyone for their support! Let's strive for 100% this coming year!
Who is Phil?

“Phil” is short for philanthropy. We use the nickname “Phil” to refer to anyone who makes a gift to support the university, as well as those who benefit from private support. Philanthropy has such far-reaching impact on campus. Private support touches everyone on this campus. We all are Phil, in one way or another.

Why is Phil (private support) so important?

Philanthropic support from our alumni, friends, faculty and staff helps fund vital initiatives throughout campus that help the University of Iowa and ensure its success. Although the University of Iowa is a proudly public institution, legislative appropriations now provide less than 8 percent of the UI’s total budget; just a decade ago, that figure was 20 percent. State support never will return to previous levels, and we cannot continue asking UI students and families—particularly during difficult economic times—to shoulder increasing tuition rates, even though Iowa remains one of the best values in the Big 10, with a high-quality education at an affordable cost. Only through increased levels of philanthropy can the UI retain its position among the nation’s top universities—and, most important, continue to serve its students and the society they will someday lead.

You can make a gift online through the University of Iowa Center for Advancement and direct your gift to a specific project. Any gift to any area of the university counts! Contact Jeremy Mims ( if you have any questions. Thank you very much for your support.

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Jeremy Williams
I am Phil

Jeremy Williams, Veterans Resource Specialist with Iowa Support, Education and Resources for Veterans and Enlisted program (I-SERVE) and a doctoral student in the Higher Education and Student Affairs Program

"I AM Phil to provide support for I-SERVE, which helps us support our vets and military."

Student veterans and service members have volunteered their lives to the call of defending our great country.  Their service has required indescribable sacrifices and has instilled in them skills that will make them a valuable contributor to any organization.  They are a competent group of scholars, skilled technicians and experts in their trade.  To honor this service, I aim to break down the barriers that prevent this invaluable student population from obtaining a degree or certification.  I am PHIL to honor their courage and support I-SERVE, Iowa Support, Education and Resources for Veterans and Enlisted.

Learn more about We Are Phil at the University of Iowa  by visiting the University of Iowa Center for Advancement